The fact that this exists and could be mine for only $60 is a little disturbing ;w;
If you navigate back to the serenity tab there is an even cooler stunt replica model that’s probably better for pointing at people and other spooking purposes, but it’s sold out. If you like space guns, it’s still pretty cool imo.
My 13 year old sister was more compelled to watch all of From Dusk Till Dawn than I was and I didn’t even know what was going on. Dude maple story is skyrim.
This is what happens when you try to play earthbound at around a [9]… have mercy on my soul.


Earthbound  - “Smiles and Tears (Ending Credits)”

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It’s decided, next time I get high I’m dusting this gem off. B]
Alex is fucking gay
How bad exactly are the boards on gaiaonline you ask? The original website is still totally up. some grimy slip there indeed… BAAAKUUURI SHUT UP AND JAM

I’m going to fucking play WolfQuest…